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You Deserve to Be Seen and Heard!

Prime Time for Women, a nonprofit that promotes healthy aging through research-based programs that foster positive social connections and healthy lifestyles, believes every woman deserves to be seen and heard…and when they are, they inspire others. 

According to DMC Clinic, “The need to be heard is one of the most basic, yet potent needs we have as social beings.” Sharing our thoughts and ideas is how we connect, express what we need, and explain who we are at our core. The tagline on our website is: “Be Seen. Be Heard. Inspire.”  This is not just a catchy marketing phrase.  This is our mission!  It is also an invitation to you, our members, to share your thoughts, ideas, experiences, and passions on our platform, where your words will be read by over 700 women!  

Do you want to be seen and heard?  Do you have something to say that could help or inspire others? If so, we’d love to hear from you! Based on research, we recommend that submissions for The Prime Time for Women Monthly Newsletter range between 600-800 words, but the content is totally up to you. As women in our “PRIME” our interests are as varied and unique as we are, so share what you are passionate about, including:

  • Hobbies such as crafting, hiking, golf, biking, baking, gardening, and travel.
  • Lifestyles such as friendships, grandparenting, second careers, volunteering, marriage, divorce, and dating.
  • Health and Fitness- Share healthy recipes, favorite meditation practices, and the best exercise routines for connecting with others. We all have aches and pains and are ill at times. Feel free to write about your experience with medical conditions, treatments, and coping strategies.  
  • Aging- Share your thoughts on what it means to be in the “Prime of Life.” Do you want to retire or reinvent yourself? Are you interested in relaxing, or do you want to learn a new skill and explore new possibilities? What does it mean to “age well”? How do you challenge ageist stereotypes? How do you continue to make a difference in your PRIME? What are your passions and purpose at this stage of life?

Some important reminders: Submissions published in the newsletter will also be posted on Prime Time for Women’s website and must be the author’s original work. PTFW members can submit blogs for publication here or by clicking the CONTACT tab on our website. Please check “Content Contribution” so we don’t miss your submission.  If not a member, no worries! You can join here for only $25/year.  

As a small, all-volunteer organization, Prime Time for Women seeks to give women the chance to be seen and heard on our platform, but we are not able to provide compensation. To celebrate your contribution, we ask that you submit a headshot along with a 50-word bio that we will use to introduce you to our readers.  By submitting a blog, you confirm that you understand that Prime Time for Women reserves the right to edit articles and reject those that are not a good fit for our website.  We can’t wait to give voice to the amazing women in our community!

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