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Carolyne Crosby: PTFW Celebrates One of Our Own

Question: Have you ever wondered what Prime Time for Women does best???

Answer: We celebrate, connect and empower women from diverse backgrounds as they discover new possibilities in the second of life.  We promote healthy aging at every age through programs and events that emphasize positive social connections, encourage lifelong learning and foster healthy lifestyles. “But what does that look like in action?” you may ask. Well, here’s a little story that illustrates the power of meaningful connections and the joy of women supporting each other.

On a perfect, sunny Thursday morning in May, Prime Time for Women (PTFW) hosted a putting contest at Black Rock Golf Course for women, most of whom had never before touched a golf club!  “WHAT???”, you scream!  “Are they crazy?” you ask.  Well…maybe a just a little.

The putting contest was part of the soft-opening festivities for Chef Carolyne Crosby’s new restaurant, “The 19th Hole”, located at Black Rock Golf Course. As Carolyne is a longtime member of Prime Time for Women, we couldn’t wait to celebrate her exciting business adventure and latest accomplishment!  Women representing seven countries including Poland, Zimbabwe, Germany, India, Kenya, Pakistan and USA had the opportunity to connect, mingle and talk. With lots of laughter (and admittedly some trepidation), the women, even those who had never putted before, took turns putting until a winner was declared.  Thanks to the generosity of Black Rock Golf Course, the winners were awarded free rounds of golf.

Following the contest, Chef Crosby threw open the doors to the 19th Hole Restaurant and welcomed one and all to a beautifully laid buffet featuring delicious African cuisine.  New friends were made, delicious food was eaten and best of all…we rejoiced in uplifting and supporting one of our own!  If you didn’t get a chance to eat the scrumptious food prepared by Chef Crosby, don’t worry.  The 19th Hole is open to the public every day from 8 AM – 7 PM!

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