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Saturday in the Park: PTFW’s New Intergenerational Walking Program By Bernadette Wagner

Prime Time for Women’s Walking to Wellness Program (W2W), which began as a five-month program on May 4, 2022, at the request of Meritus Health recently celebrated its one-year anniversary!  The W2W community gathered for 52 consecutive weeks to connect and learn from healthcare providers, nutritionists, fitness experts, dieticians, community leaders, inspirational speakers, elected officials, and each other before walking together.  And there’s no end in sight! Ask any of our regular members and they will tell you, “Walking to Wellness is where health happens and connections matter!”

With the success of W2W, our local health department asked if Prime Time for Women would host a similar program for children, explaining that 46% of youth in Washington County are overweight or obese. After numerous studies cited the health benefits of intergenerational programming, PTFW said “Yes” and decided to launch Saturday in the Park!  PTFW Founder and CEO, Bernadette Wagner said, “As women in our prime, we know the health benefits of positive social connections, regular exercise, and time spent in nature and look forward to sharing it with others.” 

Saturday in the Park will provide women in their prime with opportunities to connect with younger generations, walk in beautiful parks throughout Washington County, and participate in fun, family-friendly activities.  Wagner added, “We don’t want to talk about healthy lifestyles…we want to live them and model them for young children and their parents…plus its FUN!”  

 “Saturday in the Park”, an intergenerational fun walking program, will be held one Saturday a month and consist of a brief presentation, a one-mile walk, and engaging, family-friendly activities such as:  

  •       Hula Hoop Contest
  •       Frisbee Throwing Contest
  •       Kickball
  •       Bubble Blowing
  •       Hip Hop in the Park
  •       Community Mural
  •       Smoothie Bike Exhibit
  •       Corn Hole Toss
  •       Jump Roping
  •       Basketball Free-Throw Competition
  •       Magician
  •       Family Photographer
  •       Holiday Crafts
  •       Halloween Parade
  •       Healthy Recipe Swap
  •       Double Dutch
  •       St. Patrick’s Day Dye Your Hair Green Day
  •       Pet Parade
  •       Hide -n- Seek
  •       Dodge Ball
  •       Explore Marty’s Mythical Woods
  •       Park Yoga
  •       Face Painting
  •       Hopscotch
  •       Marty Snook/Williamsport Pool Day
  •       Healthy Snack Tasting Party

Saturday in the Park will kick off on June 3rd in collaboration with the Town of Boonsboro’s 2023 National Trails Day celebration! Prime Time for Women is honored to lead our first Saturday in the Park walk at 12 noon at Washington Monument State Park.  I invite all of you to join this all-day, fun, extravaganza which includes interesting speakers, live music, yoga in the park, corn hole, a climbing wall, and much more! Hope to see you there!

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