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Establishing New Routines for 2023

As mentioned in the previous article, PTFW is implementing new strategies to grow our organization and better serve our members. Similarly, author and member, Penni Jo Renner,  is looking to implement new strategies to reach her writing goals and shares her thoughts in “Establishing New Routines for 2023.”

At the end of each year, I strive to improve myself a little more in the new year. I’ve written three novels and for 2023, I’d really like to finish at least one rough draft of my fourth novel. But to do that, I realize I need to change my daily routine; particularly my morning routine, since that’s my most productive time.

My present routine is this; after filling Lily’s bowl with kitty food (or there’s no peace in the house), I brew my coffee and sip it whilst making my morning posts for my pages on Facebook. Before getting dressed and ready for the rest of my day, I listen to a program I like on YouTube, catch up on Facebook games, and then check my email. As much as I enjoy this routine, I realize I’m not using my time as wisely as I’d like. 

Wanting to give a worthy home to the incredible characters that dwell in my head, I decided to tweak my morning routine.  When I was a teenager I read an article in Writer’s Digest that mentioned how, back in the day, many authors would sit for 8 hours and stare at the blank sheet of paper in the typewriter, waiting for inspiration to visit them. Well, I am NOT going to do that! But since I want to make the most of my creative abilities during peak hours of productivity, I did revise my routine.

  1. Fill Lily’s bowl (because, well that’s obvious!)
  2. Brew coffee (that ain’t gonna change either!)
  3. Open Book #4 File, summon the Muses and for a designated fifteen minutes, attempt to write. 
  4. Then, and only then, do I post on Facebook, play games or chat.

Along with my new routine, I decided to give myself grace! No longer will I say, “I’ve failed!”, if I don’t stick to it 100 percent.  Hopefully, I’ve inspired you to consider revamping your daily routine, if it needs revamping.  Only you know!  I’m always shifting and changing, hopefully in the direction of improvement. It would be a happy achievement for me to one day be counted among those who are content with their status quo.

But until then, I’ll gently tweak my morning routine, and if I slip into old habits I won’t berate myself; instead, I’ll be forgiving and start afresh.

That’s what I call grace.

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