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The Golfer Within

I was invited to join a women’s golf league. Yikes! What is that? The invitation was heartfelt, personal, and kind of exciting. I was tempted!  So, I knew that I had to respond in a positive manner. Yep, I’m going to do it!  I’m going to step outside of my comfort zone and try something new.

Wow, am I glad I did! In the Spring of 2023, I joined Prime Time For Women’s newly formed “Connections over Competition Golf League”, which as the name implies emphasized the fun of making new friends while learning a new sport. It was an incredible experience as women who had never played golf were warmly welcomed by more experienced golfers.  What an experience! I was a golf newbie so I was a little apprehensive, but thought, why not, how hard could it be? Let’s just say it was quite the challenge. There was a lot that I needed to learn to be a golfer. From learning the lingo and rules; choosing and holding the clubs; learning how to address the ball, and how to swing the different clubs…and even how to drive a cart.  And by the way: Just, what was this scoring all about?

As a Type A woman of a certain age, I wanted to capture my feelings about this journey into the golfing world. What would it be like? Would I enjoy it? How would I share this experience with my family, friends, and colleagues? What was the hype?

I decided to write about my experience in my journal. How would I begin? I decided to begin with my fear – INTIMIDATION.  After all, some of the women were experienced golfers. I reached out to some of my friends to ask about the sport. I was told: “Before you can golf, you need the correct attire!”  Okay! I have to admit, I love to shop, but there was no way I was going to spend money on golf outfits just to find out that I hate the sport. So, needless to say, I showed up in my plain old clothes, and fit in just fine!

I participated in the group golf lessons arranged by Prime Time for Women, which proved helpful and challenging…so much to learn! Even though the league played a scramble format (which I now know what that means), my first few games were somewhat overwhelming as I happened to be paired with one other newbie and several more experienced golfers. Although there were highs and lows, I was never really discouraged because my golfing teammates were so encouraging and truly the BEST MENTORS I could ask for. They cheered me on, and I was no longer intimidated…I was empowered and thirsty for more. The skills, attitudes, and patience my mentors modeled reflected the integrity and values of the sport. I learned so much and I will cherish my golfing memories.  

What will I remember most? Easy! I learned that golfing is a social event! We shared about our lives: families, children, grandchildren, vacations, you name it. No more inhibitions, fears, or negative self-talk. I will also remember a few holes we parred, which was exciting and the highlight of my journey. I will remember what it feels like to learn, fall, get up, reflect, practice, and grow…to accomplish a newfound goal.  Every week I improved. And that was quite the accomplishment. I was able to understand how to determine which club to use and why, and that feeling was euphoric!

Finally, I will remember what it felt like to be recognized by my peers and mentors. I am grateful for their belief in me as demonstrated by their words, acts, and deeds. In fact, I was thrilled to receive a trophy for the “most improved golfer!” I shared it with my husband and sons, and they celebrated with me. I began to FEEL GOLF

To conclude, someone once said, “Every shot really does tell a story.” I understand that now. I hope that my golfing story inspires you to try something new. You just might love it!

Side note, I will be starting this Spring season with some very cute golf outfits.

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