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Week 2: Cathy Cotleur

Today was the second hike of “A Year of Hikes: 52 Weeks, 52 Women, Same Trail.” I got to hike with Cathy Cotleur! She’s more of an avid book worm than avid hiker but it all worked out great because we talked about books as we hiked.

We also discussed the pros and cons of reading on a kindle, my passion for cooking elaborate meals and her preference for easy, one-pot meals. We both agreed that it’s much more fun to eat a delicious meal than cleanup afterwards.

Of course, we commented on the warmth of the January sun…it was 45 degrees and the large Raven calling in the trees. We tried to take selfies but decided we’re no good at it because we are both short and have short arms…trust me it was very funny, but you sort of had to be there!

Like everyone else we shared our disbelief and dismay at the storming of the Capitol. We agreed that our democracy deserves the respect of all Americans and expressed our hope for programs and efforts that unite our country.

We didn’t actually complete the entire trail. We cut our hike short because Cathy had to help a 90-year-old friend register online for his vaccine…what a nice person! Overall, it was lovely to spend some time on the AT with a compassionate, caring book worm!

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