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She’s in Her Prime…It’s Her Time!

Have you ever dreamed of writing a book? I certainly have…but I’m not sure I have what it takes! In addition to lots of talent, it requires oodles of hours of research, tremendous dedication and the persistence of Lipara, the Greek goddess of perseverance! You know how I know? I just had the privilege of meeting and speaking with Linda Schifino, author of Neighborhood Girl: A Memoir of Loss, Longing and Letting Go!

Fortunately for PTFW Book Club members, we will all get to meet Linda in person when we discuss her book at our August meeting. That’s right, Linda’s planning to drive from Pittsburg to attend our meeting on Tuesday August 20! How often do you get the honor of speaking to a published author of a book you absolutely loved? Not often…but it doesn’t hurt that our very own member, Tisha May, is Linda’s baby sister and biggest fan!

Neighborhood Girl: A Memoir of Loss, Longing and Letting Go is a touching book that explores the universal themes of family, place and change over time. “Poignant and open-hearted, Neighborhood Girl is an absorbing family story that invites the reader along as the author sifts through fragile memories like an archeologist in an effort to preserve a family legacy. An affable and sincere narrator, Schifino’s memoir is at once heartbreaking, humorous, and engaging.

I really enjoyed my time with Linda! When she asked me about Prime Time for Women’s mission, I said, “Women in their prime allow themselves to pursue their passions, defy ageist stereotypes, explore new possibilities, and live life as they want to not as they have been told to live. They understand that friendships and positive social connections, like medicine for the mind, body and spirit, improve our health, impact our wellbeing and increase our longevity.” All of the sudden, Linda shouted, “I get it! I’m definitely in my PRIME!” She talked about her decision to pursue a Master’s in Fine Arts at the age of 71 and a little bit about the research she conducted for her book. Rather than telling you about our conversation, I feel privileged to share Linda’s blog (with her permission) in this edition of Prime Time for Women Newsletter. May Linda’s words encourage you and inspire you to pursue your own dreams!

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