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Meet PTFW Board Member Cathy Cotleur

Cathy Cotleur attributes her strong work ethic to her parents. From babysitting to restaurant work in her early years, Cathy learned that in order to advance in life, “You have to participate and work hard.”

Born in Salem, Ohio, politics have always been important to Cathy. She was the Assistant to the Speaker of the Ohio House of Representatives and a two-time Delegate to the Democratic National Convention. Growing up in a middle-class household, she developed an empathy for hard workers and those who “aren’t properly rewarded.”

With an infectious smile and a disarming sense of humor, Cathy reflected on her life. “My journey’s been a good one.” Retired now for seven years, Cathy, who holds four degrees in Political Science and Marketing, taught Marketing at Frostburg State University for 33 years. She moved from Columbus, Ohio to Hagerstown in 1981, married her husband, Michael, and together they raised their son, Matthew.  Sadly, Michael passed away in 2004. 

A world traveler, Cathy has visited 40 countries. Her son lives in Madrid, Spain with his wife whom he married earlier this year. She travels (and reads!) for pleasure. She enjoys experiencing new cultures and she loves to research each destination before she travels there. With her son living in Madrid and her significant other, Fritz, being from Austria, Cathy visits Spain and Austria the most.

The best advice Cathy has ever received can be encapsulated in a quote from Eleanor Roosevelt: No one can make you feel inferior without your consent. The best advice Cathy can offer to others in the prime stage of life is, “Stay active but carve out time for yourself…to reflect and rejuvenate your soul.”

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