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Grandma Gatewood’s Legacy

There are so many fun ways you can join Prime Time for Women as we celebrate Grandma Gatewood’s incredible legacy! And the best part…by joining in on the fun you will be supporting both Prime Time for Women and Be The Match, an organization committed to helping blood cancer patients receive life-saving bone marrow transplants. Together we can help save the life of another!  

Grandma Gatewood was the first woman to solo through-hike the Appalachian Trail from Georgia to Maine, and she accomplished this feat at 67 years of age!  Though she was a survivor of horrific domestic violence that left her hospitalized many times, she never gave up on her dreams. When she was discouraged from hiking the 2,091 miles of the trail, she did it anyway! She was not limited by the perceptions of others. Grandma Gatewood embraced challenges as adventures and pursued possibilities rather than probabilities. In 1955 Gatewood did something no other woman had ever done!   For the past 68 years, her resilience, determination, and perseverance have been inspiring legions of women everywhere!

Are you a hiker? If so, please consider joining PTFW for the hike of your choice! Gentle Hike or Intermediate/Advanced Hike or Virtual Hike?  You choose! In-person hikers will meet at Pen Mar Park at 9:30 AM on October 21st to sign waivers, pick up commemorative long-sleeve, high-performance shirts, and then get hiking at 10:00 AM!  Together we will literally and figuratively follow in the footsteps of an inspiring woman who dared to live life to the fullest. With its breathtaking view of the Cumberland Valley, Pen Mar Park is the perfect place to celebrate the incredible legacy of Emma “Grandma” Gatewood by literally following in her footsteps along the Appalachian Trail.

  • Gentle Hike is an out-and-back 3⁄4 mile walk that will start and end at Pen Mar Park. Walking south on the AT, hikers will have a breathtaking view of the valley below in its full autumnal glory.   Hiking this relatively flat trail is a great way to spend a glorious day with friends while experiencing the majesty of nature.  Back at the park, Gentle Hikers will have the opportunity to attend “The Grandma Gatewood/Strong Woman Workshop” conducted by Tina Fraley, PTFW Board Member and owner of Power House Studio. Tina will share Gatewood’s story, highlighting this amazing woman’s belief in herself, her ability to overcome incredibly difficult circumstances and her perseverance in realizing her dreams.  Tina, who knows that all women face challenges, will share her story of overcoming life’s obstacles, and give workshop participants a chance to share theirs as well.  As we say at Prime Time for Women, “Every woman deserves to be seen and heard…and when they are, they inspire!   Following the workshop, participants will drive 1.9 miles south to High Rock Overlook to connect with the Intermediate/advanced hikers for group photos! 
  • The Intermediate/Advanced Hike will start at Pen Mar Park heading south on the Appalachian Trail and end at High Rock Overlook. The first part of this 3-mile trail is relatively flat with some rolling hills and glorious views of the valley below, giving nature lovers a chance to enjoy the beauty of the natural world.  But the last mile of this trail is a bit more demanding!  With a rocky, steep incline, hikers will gain 838.6 feet in elevation before reaching the majestic High Rock Overlook, where all the hikers will gather for group photos.  Volunteers will drive hikers back to their vehicles at Pen Mar Park.
  • Virtual Hike: Hike from anywhere, anytime from 9/25 -10/25! Can’t make it to the hike? No problem!  You can join us virtually and support two worthy nonprofits. Be sure to share your shirt size and address so PTFW can send you a really cool shirt!  Take and send pictures of your hike! We will share them on our website and post them on social media!  

Not a hiker but still moved by Grandma Gatewood’s accomplishments?  Please join Prime Time for Women at Grandma Gatewood’s Birthday Bash on October 25 at the Stone House Urban Winery! Prime Time for Women will gather with friends from 7-9 PM to celebrate and commemorate Gatewood’s 136th birthday. Treat yourself to appetizers, and birthday cake, and join us as we raise a glass of delicious wine to toast this most remarkable woman. You can get tickets for any and all of these events here. 

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