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nicole myers

Making Memories Instead of Clutter

Christmas has looked so different over the past several years. Sure, there are still a handful of gifts around the tree. However, a couple of years ago my husband and I decided to take a different approach to Christmas. The times have changed from small children wanting the latest toy or doll to now an appliance or necessity. How BORING! What’s memorable about that? So, now, we gift experiences.

One of our favorites was our trip to the all-inclusive Grand Moon Palace.  We flew Southwest to Cancun Mexico in December of that year. The trip was so refreshing because COVID restrictions had just been lessened, and it felt like we were in another world. Upon arrival, we received a refreshing tropical drink. The staff greeted us as if we were royalty, red carpet and all.  We were escorted to our beautiful Mediterranean-themed suite and patio surrounded by clear blue water.  We spent most of our days at the pool by the taco bar; the children loved the tacos. In the evenings, we bowled or watched a show. We enjoyed so many delicious meals; one of our favorite restaurants was JC Steakhouse. You can take the girl out of the country, but you can’t take the country out of the girl. 


When family members were asked what the most memorable moments from the trip were here is what they said. LeRoy: “Riding bicycles around the resort with Michael.” Grace-Lynn: “Sitting around the pool with my sister, Kaila, eating tacos and drinking nonalcoholic daiquiris.” 

Mine would have been the moments in between all those activities …when we left our bag in the shuttle upon arriving or when LeRoy & Michael were playing volleyball in the water. The moments we laughed so hard at just living was the best for me. Kaila loved watching Gracie run to get the coconut drink before closing, even though she ended up not liking it at all.


In closing, I invite you to try something different this season. Perhaps it is taking a try at a local escape room, maybe a train ride or visiting a tourist attraction in your county or state. Whatever you decide, try and focus on time spent together.  The moments we cherish and remember are worth more than any gift money could buy. 

Nicole Myers is a Travel Advisor for Dream Vacations. If you or someone you know is looking to plan a memorable trip, please reach out to her via this link: https://linqapp.com/nicole_myers3?r=link. Her website is www.WeInspireTravel.com  She specializes in Cruises, Resorts, Excursions, Tours, Corporate, & World Travel 

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