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National Arts and Humanities Month

Explore, Discover, & Share Your Artistic Talents

Since 1993, every October, organizations, and communities across the country have celebrated National Arts & Humanities Month. As the largest celebration of arts and culture in the U.S., it seeks to encourage experienced artists, enthusiasts, and newbies including writers, crafters, fabric artists, musicians, performers, and entertainers to explore, share, and celebrate their passion for the arts and humanities. 

I asked myself, “If everyone is doing it, why not Prime Time for Women?” In past PTFW Newsletters, we have featured women who are pursuing artistic passions in their prime including Barb Spencer, who in her 60s, began taking mandolin lessons, and Joan K. Selby who after much procrastination, recently published her first book of poetry, called Love Warp.

Now I’d like to encourage/invite all who receive the newsletter, our donors, and our members to explore their artistic talents and share them with Prime Time for Women on PTFW’s Facebook Group page (you must first join the group.) Share a photo of a painting, drawing, handmade pottery, or carving; post a picture of the afghan you crocheted, the sweater you knitted, or the dress you sewed for your grandbaby; share a recording of yourself singing a song or playing the piano! Remember, at Prime Time for Women we always say, “Every woman deserves to be seen and heard…and when they are, they inspire others!” 

During the month of October, National Arts & Humanities month,  Prime Time for Women will highlight your artistic talents in our newsletter and on our website. This is not a contest…it is an expression of who you are! Your art will not be judged…it will be celebrated and appreciated by one and all.  Can’t wait to marvel at your submissions and celebrate you!    

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