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Book Clubs Are the Best!

Book clubs are the best!  Small or large, in-person or virtual, fiction or nonfiction…it doesn’t matter!  When women get together it’s always fun. But when they gather to discuss a great read, especially over a delicious meal and a glass of wine, the experience is magical.  

A Gentleman from Moscow, The Three Pines series by Louis Penny, Lessons in Chemistry, Becoming by Michele Obama, and Cassandra Speaks are just a few of the favorite books discussed and loved by the Prime Time for Women Book Club.  Our book club is unique in that members are encouraged to select a book they want to share, vie with other members for the month during which they will facilitate the discussion and select the location. Sometimes we meet in a beautiful park next to a lovely little lake, other times at a cozy, local restaurant, and still other times we are welcomed into the inviting living room of our hostess.  For two years, during the pandemic the Book Club met virtually. In 2023, we are thinking about hosting an in-person book club and then the following week hosting a second discussion of the same book via Eventbrite for those located in other states.  Let me know if you’d be interested!

Not everyone has selected their book for 2023 but I know for sure we will be reading The Marriage Portrait by Maggie O’Farrell, Another Brooklyn, West With Giraffe and The Invisible Life of Addie LaRue. Regardless of the selected books, there are many benefits to joining a book club. Besides reading books you may never have read otherwise, women who join book clubs have more friends, increased emotional support, and more opportunities to be seen and heard as they share their opinions, ideas, and questions.  What I like best about the Prime Time for Women Book Club is that we don’t just discuss the content of the book (plot, setting, character development, conflict, and theme) we discuss the books impact on our lives, the intersection of a good story with our real lives.    

What book would you want to share? Would you be willing to lead a virtual PTFW Book Club meeting?  If so, let us know!


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