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tina fraley

Perspective of the Day

As I pause to embrace the dawn of a new year, a profound sentiment captures my heart, a quote from Higher Perspective, that has been a beacon of wisdom through my most tumultuous times: “No matter what this year holds, remember to stay grounded in the present. Take one day at a time and stay focused on your goals. Have faith in yourself and your ability to make the best decisions. Focus on the things you can control and don’t worry about the rest. Celebrate the small victories and be proud of the progress you make. Don’t be afraid to ask for help when you need it and don’t be afraid to take risks. Believe in yourself and the power of your dreams. The future is yours to create, so make this year a bright one.”

These words echo the profound lessons I’ve learned on my own personal odyssey this past year – a walking to wellness journey following my diagnosis with Lymphoma. The revelation of cancer was a stark reminder of life’s fragility, yet it also awakened a fierce determination within me, a resolve to not just survive but thrive in the face of adversity.

Walking became my refuge, my active meditation, and my daily act of defiance against the disease that sought to claim my peace. With every step, I engaged in a silent conversation with my body, listening to its needs and honoring its limits. But more than that, I was teaching my mind to believe in the resilience and healing capabilities of the very vessel that carried me and the cancer I call Grace today. 

The power of belief took form in many ways and allowed me to learn how to live with Grace. On days when my body was wracked with the side effects of treatment, the belief in my mind and body’s ability to heal propelled me forward. It was this belief that had me lacing up my shoes and stepping out the door, even when every fiber of my being wanted to succumb to the comfort of rest. With each journey along the winding paths, through the whispers of the trees, and under the expansive skies, I was writing a narrative of recovery and strength.

There were moments when my belief in myself became the cornerstone of decision-making. Choosing treatments, navigating options, and when to push the boundaries of conventional therapy – these decisions hinged not only on medical advice but also on a deep, intrinsic trust in what felt right for me. The belief was not just a mental exercise; it became a lived experience, embodied in the deliberate choices that charted the course of my wellness.

The belief in oneself is not a constant; it wavers under the weight of doubt and fear, especially when faced with a formidable adversary like cancer. But it is also self-reinforcing – every small victory, every positive scan, every increment of improvement in my health bolstered that belief. And when belief wavered, the support of loved ones, the encouragement of fellow patients, and the assurance of healthcare providers acted as pillars to restore it.

As I journeyed through the ups and downs of treatment, the power of belief in oneself became ever clearer. It was belief that kept hope alive on the hardest days. It was belief that allowed me to envision a future beyond cancer. And it was belief that transformed the act of walking from a simple physical exercise into a profound act of healing.


In sharing my story, I hope to impart that the belief in oneself is both a gift and a practice. It is a gift that we can nurture within ourselves and extend to others in times of need. It is a practice that requires daily attention, like a muscle that strengthens with use. 

I remember a particular day, one that stands out amidst the blur of appointments and therapy sessions. It was a day when the cumulative toll of chemotherapy seemed to reach its peak. Every cell in my body felt heavy with exhaustion, and the road to recovery felt impossibly long. Yet, it was on this day that the power of belief truly revealed itself to me. I chose to take a walk, to once again engage in that silent, healing dialogue with my body. With each step, I repeated affirmations of healing and strength, visualizing my body overcoming the cancer, visualizing wellness not as a distant dream, but as an emerging reality.

It was this belief that also allowed me to be an active participant in my treatment, to ask hard questions, and to advocate for myself in the doctor’s office. I learned to trust my intuition about what felt right for my body and aligned with my personal philosophy of healing. This wasn’t about rejecting medical advice; it was about believing in my agency and ability to co-create a healing plan that resonated with my body’s needs.

Belief became a beacon that lit the path to my recovery. It was a belief that encouraged me to celebrate every milestone and start a chronicle page on Facebook called Soul Shiners. My words and my walking renewed my strength as I continued to meet my daily schedule of clients, meetings, and project planning. Each time I could walk a little further, or when I could enjoy a meal without nausea, or when laughter returned to my days, I saw these not just as transient moments, but as tangible evidence of my body’s remarkable ability to repair and flourish. The power that is in the “now moments” we experience allows us grace and compassion. 

The belief also meant recognizing and honoring the body’s need for rest, understanding that healing is not linear, and that sometimes the most courageous act is to pause and allow the body the space it needs to recover. In these quiet times, belief took on a softer tone, a gentle reminder that rest is not a retreat, but a strategy for resilience.

Through the trials of cancer treatment, I have come to understand that the power of belief is as vital as any medicine. It is the unseen force that weaves through the fabric of our healing journey, connecting mind, body, and spirit. It is what inspires us to keep moving forward, set goals, and envision a life beyond illness.

Today, in the light of a new year, I carry with me the profound lessons of the past. I am a testament to the fact that belief in oneself is not a mere platitude, but a transformative power that can lead us through the darkest valleys to the peaks of our own potential when we stay present and aware of every moment we are gifted. The future is indeed ours to create, and with belief as our compass, we can navigate it with hope, determination, and unshakable trust in the journey ahead. Let belief be the foundation upon which we build a year of limitless possibilities and a life of wellness and joy. The journey continues, and it’s one we will make magnificent, together.

tina fraley

Tina Fraley 

Creative Wellness Executive 

FitMinded Living LLC 

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