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Healthy Food Nut…I Don’t Think So!

I’m not a nutritionist, physician, or researcher…I’m what my five kids, when they were growing up, called a “healthy food nut!”  I object!  But I do pay attention to what nutritionists advise, what researchers write, and what my doctor recommends, which is to say I try to think of food as yummy medicine!  

Of course, not everything I eat is healthy.  In fact, I think it can be unhealthy to focus just on the nutritional content and macro nutrients of the meals I prepare and the food I eat. Food is meant to fuel our bodies, but it is also meant to please our palate, fill us with joy and when shared with others, bring people together. Just this week I made the most delicious Chocolate Chip Mocha Biscotti and have been in heaven ever since! 

But the purpose of this blog is to highlight the health benefits of Vitamin D. I think most women are aware that Vitamin D promotes bone strength and prevents muscle cramps. But did you know, according to a study published by The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition that “Vitamin D deficiency may raise risk for dementia and stroke.” Using blood tests and neuroimaging tools on 294,000 participants (mostly women) researchers found that people with a low vitamin D level had a 54% greater chance of developing dementia compared to people whose levels were normal.  

Now, I’m not sure everyone worries about developing dementia, but I think it crosses the mind of most people at some point.  Rather than worrying about it, I try to do what I can to prevent it.  For me, that means I have been very intentional about keeping up with friends, getting regular exercise, having a purpose to pursue every day, eating healthy (most of the time), limiting alcohol to four drinks per week, staying physically active during the day (gardening, cleaning, walking pets, chasing grandchildren, etc.) and getting regular sleep.  Add to that list, speak with my healthcare provider about checking my Vitamin D level.

Luckily, at the end of this month I have an appointment with my new healthcare provider.  She is an expert who I am confident will answer all my questions and advise me accordingly.  

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