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Despite pandemic, Prime Time for Women founder finds ways to connect with other women

Her research into healthy aging convinced Bernadette Wagner long ago that women who connect with each other are healthier, happier and more productive.

So four years ago, she founded a nonprofit organization designed to foster those relationships for women in their “prime.”

“When we founded Prime Time for Women, it was this idea based on the science that social connections have a greater ability to improve physical health, emotional well being and longevity than diet and exercise combined,” Wagner said during a recent interview at her Hagerstown home.

“And it was kind of like, OK, so how do you do that in real life? How do you make those connections? Prior to the pandemic, we were doing lots of group programming — we did belly dance classes, and we did the Prima Donna dancers, which was a hip-hop group for women over 50” and other activities.

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