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Poem: Saturday in the Spring

What do you love to do? Do you give yourself time to pursue hobbies and do the things that give you joy? I love poetry and springtime! I’m writing this blog on April 22, 2024 and like every morning, today my husband and I started it off by listening to The Writers Almanac (TWA), a daily podcast hosted by Garrison Keillor. If you’re looking for a fun way to start the day, I happily recommend TWA. Keillor’s whimsical reflections highlight historical events and literary figures born on that date. Check it out, you might like listening to the podcast and who knows, maybe you might even be inspired to write a poem of your own!

Saturday in the Spring
By: Bernadette Wagner

The sun is rising.
Birdsong fills the air.

And the frogs croak, which I love but my neighbor hates.
The sun crests the house, filling the backyard with soft light.
Children sneak out of the house, squeal, play, tumble then fight.

Oh, what a delight!

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