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Emily Guy Birken – Changing Your Money Mindset

Grab a glass of wine and join Bernadette as she welcomes Emily Guy Birken who introduces concepts that will help you better understand your own money psychology so you can make better financial choices.  Many of our financial decisions stem from our emotional and psychological response to money, which can lead to disordered money behavior. If you’ve ever wondered “why did I do that?” after making an ill-thought out financial decision, it’s probably because you were using money to meet an emotional or psychological need, rather than doing what was best for your financial health.

Flex your financial muscles:

  • Gain a clearer understanding of what money means to you
  • Learn strategies for overcoming disordered money behavior
  • Find ways to reduce financial stress

BONUS!  – Take this quiz from Kiplinger’s to determine your own attitude toward money.

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