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We’ve curated a library of Zoom calls from past Prime Time for Women programs so you can catch up on the discussion anytime.

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Select a program from the list below to see related videos. 

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Navigating Change

Change is inevitable. Our response to change, however, is uniquely individual and under our control. We can be fearful or excited, anxious or joyful, curious or hesitant, overwhelmed or resilient…that is up to each of us.

As we journey through life, we experience different stages of womanhood. Each stage provides us with opportunities to let go of who we think we are supposed to be and embrace who we truly are. Change, if we permit it, concentrates our focus and allows us to be more attuned to ourselves and the world around us. The PRIME time of life, when we learn to give voice to our thoughts and put our dreams into action, is a phase of life marked by exploration, self-discovery, freedom and possibility.

Join Prime Time for Women for this 8-week series as we explore the many physical, emotional and lifestyle changes women experience as they journey through life. Listen to and participate in thought-provoking conversations with inspiring women who have successfully navigated change in their own lives.

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February 21

Changes in Love, Life and Purpose

If you want to learn more about yourself, challenge old beliefs and discover new possibilities, then be sure to join Bernadette Wagner as she welcomes Jen Silbert to Navigating Change.

As the founder of Raw + Naked Living, Jen is all about living authentically. She’s not afraid to share her life’s journey and is willing to be vulnerable, which she says is necessary to grow. Be a part of the conversation and learn to navigate the changes in your own life.

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March 7th

Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Botox, Fillers and Non-Invasive Cosmetic Procedures

Join host Bernadette Wagner as she welcomes Dr. Rachel Day to Prime Time for Women’s ongoing series Navigating Change. Dr. Day, of One Skin Dermatology is an experienced dermatologist who knows, from first-hand experience, all about navigating change—and helps other women do the same.

If you’ve ever wondered about using fillers, getting Botox or having a laser procedure, you are not alone! Join us as Dr. Day discusses a multitude of aesthetic dermatology procedures.

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March 21st

Joan Craig: Discover Yoga—Change Your Mindset, Change Your Life

Join host Bernadette Wagner as she welcomes Joan Craig for a wide-ranging conversation about embracing a yoga lifestyle that includes more than just the physical poses. 

Joan will help us align with our true values by implementing the six key steps she discovered and wrote about in her recent book Change Point: Simplify Your Life, Find Inner Peace, and Do What Matters.  Enhance your well-being the joyful way!

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April 4th

Daphney Smith-Jackson: Fight for the Change You Want to See

Suffering the loss of both her parents at a young age, surviving molestation, and becoming a teen mother didn’t deter Daphney Smith-Jackson…it instead made her stronger. It’s not surprising that this amazing woman took up boxing—it serves as an analogy for her remarkable life. Daphney’s story of resilience is as inspiring as the nonprofit she later started to UPLIFT other girls and women.

Daphney shares her perspective on:

  • The feelings and emotions associated with change
  • The results of change: win, lose and draw
  • The importance of fighting for what you believe in
  • Reaching out to others as a tool for navigating change
  • The importance of giving back
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April 18th

Dr. Barbara Spencer – From Obesity to Bodybuilder to Health Coach 

Dr. Barbara Spencer, a Doctor of Nursing Practice and Professor of Nursing at Shepherd University will share her journey from obese to super fit to competitive body building at 60 years of age.

She will talk about several “chronic conditions” that affected her health and her realization that change was necessary in order to live the healthiest life possible for her. Getting healthy wasn’t enough for Barb! She founded Wellness Works, LLC to help others navigate the roadblocks on the path to improved health. wellnessBarb’s story of helping others improve their health is one of motivation and determination and will fill all who listen with a sense of inspiration.

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February 28

The New Woman’s Guide to Healthy Aging

Join host Bernadette Wagner as she welcomes Dr. Vivien Brown to discuss her latest book, The New Woman’s Guide to Healthy Aging, which has an entire chapter dedicated to sexual health of women, an incredibly important topic that has long been ignored.  Get advice from a female medical expert who understands your journey! Dr. Brown will discuss eight proven ways women can stay vibrant and age healthfully, share personal stories of her efforts to age healthfully, and answer your questions during an extensive Q&A session!

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March 14th

Beautiful Me at Every Age

Join host Bernadette Wagner as she welcomes Elise Marquam-Jahns founder of Boomer and Beyond Beauty is a professional makeup artist and self-proclaimed “beauty junkie” who believes that “we are never old to look our best.” Elise, using powerful makeup techniques, helps all women reveal their inner beauty.

We all know that over the past few decades, we’ve undergone a few changes—and that makeup techniques and routines which worked for us in our 20s and 30s don’t work quite as well for us at this stage of our lives. Elise will show us how to successfully look like the best version of ourselves now.

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March 28th

Barbara Conord, LPC – Addiction: A Mother’s Story of Heartbreak & Resilience

Bernadette welcomes her sister Barbara Conord, a licensed professional counselor who knows first-hand the pain and struggle associated with a loved one’s addiction.  Barbara says, “The grief and pain of addiction are every bit as overwhelming and devastating as they feel. In our own pain, we will want to say horrible things that we don’t really mean, we will want to quit, we will want to self-protect. Instead, we need to learn to make decisions based on our values and not our feelings. It is possible for our lives to have joy even if our loved one does not find freedom from addiction.” 

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April 11th

Janice L Green – Divorce After 50 – You’re Not Alone

The overall divorce rates in the U.S. may be falling, but for people over 50 the rate has doubled since 1990. Janice L. Green, a highly skilled family law attorney with 44 years of experience, wrote Divorce After 50: Your Guide to the Unique Legal and Financial Challenges of a Gray Divorce to help women navigate later life divorce.

Janice provides guidance on how to be a knowledgeable consumer of legal services, suggest options to marital ruptures other than divorce and discuss when it’s okay to represent yourself or when that is just “plain nuts.”

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Cultivating Authentic Courage for Life

In this 8-week series, Holistic Life/Personal Development Coach Jen Silbert will guide you on your journey of self-discovery to lovingly explore and face your fears, uncover the true definition of courageous living, and learn how to create courage practices and habits to become your most authentic and bravest self regardless of external circumstances.

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March 3

Exploring the Worlds of Fear and Courage

There are myths and illusions that cloud the real meaning of fear and courage and our ability to step into both of them.  What are the real roots of fear?

Is courage nature or nurture? Is it possible to make friends with our fears? If so, what would that look like in everyday life?


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March 17

Cultivating Courage to “Be”

Is your identity tied to a title, a job description, a role you play in life? Have you explored who you are, raw and naked, attached to nothing else? What happens when you disconnect from your busyness to sit in stillness to just “be”? What are the fears at stake, what emotions have you been avoiding by staying busy?  This lesson may trigger some uncomfortable emotions, so be compassionate with yourself. You cannot process your emotions unless you allow yourself to feel them. You are on a path toward freedom. Listening is key.

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April 7th

Cultivating Courage to “Lead”

The world needs leaders of integrity in every area of life. Each of us has the capacity to lead, so how can we step into our leadership ability? What holds us back?

There are many ways we can each step into leadership. Surrounding ourselves with supportive communities to help us grow, bring out the best in us and encourage us to sparkle and shine is key.

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April 21st

Daily Courage Habits for Life

Courage is within reach for each of us, every single day. Small acts of bravery done regularly can help us develop and grow our “brave muscle.”  As that muscle gets stronger, our confidence grows, our fears seem smaller, and we take on bigger and bolder adventures in life! We can become more resilient, inspire others and discover new things about ourselves.

We will explore at least 25 daily acts of courage you can begin today to start growing your brave muscle. Are you ready to start training your brave?

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March 10

Cultivating Courage to “Change”

All personal growth involves change. Change is inevitable, but we can impact the effect of change in our lives by make conscious choices.  How can we change our perceptions of change? Will we embrace it or run from it? What are the real fears at stake when confronted with change? How can we play offense to change before we are forced to change?   A key concept we explore is resistance. Powerful questions, impactful habits and routines can put change into action.

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March 24

Cultivating Courage to “Act”

One of the bravest things we can do is to step out in action. It’s also the thing many women fear. Will I look foolish? Be alienated? Make the wrong decision? Lose money? Hurt someone’s feelings? Overstep? To act is to speak up, to advocate for justice, to make a decision and step into our integrity. We don’t always know how our actions will be received. Action is rooted in our convictions and values. Do you know what they are?

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April 14th

Cultivating Courage to “Live”

One of the top five regrets revealed in deathbed confessions over the years is a regret to live life true to self rather than to meet other’s expectations.

Can you imagine being on your deathbed with that regret? What prevents us from living out our passions and our truths? Do we even know what feeds our souls and lifts our spirits? What is holding us back?

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It’s time to get healthy! Join Bernadette Wagner for an in-depth interview with Tina Fraley, founder of FitMinded Living. During this eight-week program, get to know Tina and connect with other participants as you learn tips for successful living: owning your story, creating a healthy mindset, implementing nutritional tips and exercising regularly. Each week you will have the opportunity to hear empowering words of wisdom AND work out with Tina as she leads exercises that can be done right where you are!


  • Notebook for journaling
  • Light to Medium dumbbells for workouts
  • Comfortable clothes and shoes

About Fitness Coach Tina Fraley

Tina Fraley is a nutrition coach, certified personal trainer and Blackhat group instructor at Soldierfit Hagerstown. A masters-level community counselor with over 20 years of experience in the mental health field, Tina founded FitMinded Living, teaching the importance of life integration that has helped thousands of men and women build a healthy, healed, and happy life.

A mom of seven, domestic abuse survivor and someone who has lost over 150 pounds, Tina embarked on her own transformation journey that taught her the fundamentals of building a roadmap to long term success by bridging the gap between physical and emotional challenges.

In 2010, Tina founded FitMinded Living, a free online community that delivers resources, tools, and daily inspiration to those of all ages, sizes, and locations. In 2019, Tina partnered with her oldest son and two local trainers to develop Power House Studio, a membership program to a fully virtual gym and well-being studio with live classes, workshops, and monthly meet-ups, equipping every member to integrate the Eat, Move, Believe lifestyle as they step into their power and rise together.

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March 3rd

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March 17th

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March 31st

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April 14th

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March 10th

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March 24th

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April 7th

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April 20th

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Women, Wine & Financial Freedom

See more information on all these segments and Bernadette’s guests. 

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February 16

Jane Helm, Author, Money Mentor Group—Understanding Your Relationship with Money with Cindy Rowe: Blue Mountain Winecrafters

Bernadette Wagner hosts the first program in the Women, Wine and Financial Freedom series, welcoming Jane Helm, an experienced Certified Financial Coach and blogger.

Cindy Rowe, owner, winemaker and educator at Blue Mountain Winecrafters in Hagerstown, Md. Jane’s program will empower you to take charge of your finances as she addresses financial matters that matter most to women.

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March 2

Jane Helm, Author, Money Mentor Group—Creating a Purposeful Budget with Judy Crow, owner of Crow Vineyard & Winery

Join Bernadette as she once again welcomes Jane Helm, an experienced Certified Financial Coach and blogger. And back by popular demand, Judy Crow, owner of Crow Vineyard and Winery will answer questions from last week, give a photographic virtual tour of the Crow vineyard, farm, B-N-B, and winery and also share details about their wine club. 

Learn a unique way to budget and save that is personalized just for you!  Eliminate the guesswork, manage your finances with confidence and never feel overwhelmed again!

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March 16

Jane Helm—How to Create Money Harmony with Your Partner with Peggy Raley-Ward, Nassau Valley Vineyard

Grab a glass of wine and chat with Peggy Raley-Ward, founder and proprietor of Nassau Valley Vineyard, who will paint a verbal picture of her beautiful winery, detailing its history, wine tours, and events before highlighting one of her favorite wines.

Then, Jane Helm will help empower you and your significant other as you learn how to take positive steps in creating a harmonious approach to communication and decision-making with regard to your finances.


March 30

Kathleen Rehl, Ph.D., CFP®, CFTTM – Moving Forward on Your Own: Financial Guidance for Widows with Lori Yata – Stonehouse Urban Winery

A spouse’s death is possibly the most devastating event a woman will experience. Dr. Kathleen Rehl, knows the difficult emotions widows face and helps them move forward.  She shares common fears around money that widows experience, exercises that encourage financial self-assurance and the importance of seeking support. 

Lori shares the story of how two women, in the heart of historic Hagerstown, are making a difference in the world of wine and cider. She’ll share one her favorite wines and explain how, at the Stone House Urban Winery, you can become your own vintner! 

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April 13th

Emily Guy Birken – Changing Your Money Mindset

Grab a glass of wine and join Bernadette as she welcomes Emily Guy Birken who introduces concepts that will help you better understand your own money psychology so you can make better financial choices.  Many of our financial decisions stem from our emotional and psychological response to money, which can lead to disordered money behavior. If you’ve ever wondered “why did I do that?” after making an ill-thought out financial decision, it’s probably because you were using money to meet an emotional or psychological need, rather than doing what was best for your financial health. 

Flex your financial muscles:

  • Gain a clearer understanding of what money means to you
  • Learn strategies for overcoming disordered money behavior
  • Find ways to reduce financial stress

BONUS!  – Take this quiz from Kiplinger’s to determine your own attitude toward money. 

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February 23: 

Jeanne Singer, CPA, JD, with Judy Crow, Crow Vineyard and Winery

Think estate planning is only for the very wealthy? Think again!

Bernadette hosts the second program in the Women, Wine and Financial Freedom series, welcoming Jeanne Singer, CPA, JD, an experienced Certified Public Accountant and attorney who specializes in estate planning.

Also Judy Crow, owner of Crow Vineyard and Winery, who will talk about her winery in Kennedyville, Md., and share a favorite wine!

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March 9

Karen Smith, Author—I Didn’t See That Coming with Lauren Zimmerman—Port of Leonardtown Winery

Karen has been in the financial industry for 25+ years, running the accounting business she and her late husband owned. His sudden death helped her realize the need to assist others in organizing, recording and reviewing the crucial documents of a Life Event.

Lauren consults for vineyards. Since starting at Port of Leonardtown Winery six years ago, the winery has brought home numerous prestigious awards including the coveted Governor’s Cup trophy in 2018 and Best in Show Jack Aellen Trophy in 2020.

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March 23

Karen Coyne, CFP, Raymond James with Lisa Baker Hinton of Old Westminster Winery

Karen Coyne will address five attributes of successful financial clients.  Learn about behaviors that can contribute to a positive outcome, and to recognize behaviors that could be holding you back.

Lisa Baker Hinton has experience at prestigious wineries on both the east and west coasts. She believes Maryland is ripe with opportunities to craft world-class wines and enjoys making wines that reflect the region’s climate and many unique geologies. Lisa shares the story of this family-owned winery and recommends a favorite wine.

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April 6th

Kathleen Rehl, Ph.D., CFP®, CFTTM – Writing Your Legacy Letter for Family and Friends

We once again welcomes Kathleen Rehl, author of Moving Forward on Your Own: A Financial Guidebook for Widows”.  Your estate plan specifies what you want done with your money and possessions after your death. But, your life’s treasures extend beyond these material items—to your values, heritage, relationships, hopes, dreams, memories and stories. Kathleen tells the story of the “Legacy Letter” her mother left, and how it impacted her life. Learn how to create your own legacy letter (sometimes called an ethical will), leaving treasured memories to family and friends for years to come.


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April 20th

Peggy Raley-Ward, Nassau Valley Vineyard

Grab a glass of wine as Bernadette hosts Peggy Raley-Ward, founder and proprietor of Nassau Valley Vineyard, who will paint a verbal picture of her beautiful winery, detailing its history, wine tours, and events before highlighting one of her favorite wines.

Peggy’s story is full of firsts! A writer who turned her talents to drafting her first piece of legislation once she learned that Delaware law prohibited farm wineries, she successfully lobbied the Delaware General Assembly. Then, she and her father founded the first winery in the “First” state.


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Book Club

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February Book Club

Prime Time for Women discusses Redhead by the Side of the Road by Anne Tyler. Discussion led by member Barbara Rice.

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April Book Club

Prime Time for Women discusses His & Hers by Alice Feeney. Discussion led by member Tisha May.

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March Book Club

Prime Time for Women discusses The Book Woman of Troublesome Creek by Kim Richardson. Discussion led by member Marcia Toder.

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