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Missy Maggioncalda

I am a wife, mother, or three grown children, former Sales Representative for Pfizer Pharmaceutical, and a former public school teacher of middle and high school aged students in Science, Math, and U.S. History.   As I have moved around due to work and training for both myself and my husband, I have enjoyed engaging in community.   My most recent move has been to Hagerstown, MD.  Here I have found a variety of groups and organizations to engage with.  I currently serve as the co-Chair of the WGA Nine Hole at Fountain Head Country Club, the Chair of the Fountain Head Ladies Bowling League, as well as  committee member of both the FHCC Tennis and Golf Committees.  Additionally, I started tutoring for the Literacy Council of Washington County.  As a board member of Prime Time For Women, I will be writing grants and helping to develop fundraisers so that we can reach out to and create opportunities for both women in their prime and cross-generationally.  The more positive social connections we have the better off we are.  So it is our goal to build those social connections through fun, health and wellness activities, and inspirational stories about women in their prime.

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