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Bev Stitely

Bev Stitely, EA, PFP, is a seasoned leader in the tax industry, currently serving as the President of Saunders Tax and Accounting. With over 30 years of experience, Bev’s focus is on revolutionizing the tax landscape for small businesses, embodying the motto “Less Taxing Life, More Prosperous Solutions.” Under her leadership, Saunders Tax and Accounting was honored with the Small Business of the Year award in 2023.

A key factor in Bev’s success lies in her collaborative approach, supported by a dedicated team of professionals at Saunders Tax and Accounting. Together, they work seamlessly to provide clients with tailored solutions and proactive tax planning strategies. The team’s commitment to excellence has contributed significantly to the firm’s reputation for integrity and client-centric service.

Bev’s speaking engagements reflect not only her individual expertise but also the collective knowledge of her accomplished team. Audiences benefit from insights into tax planning intricacies and success stories that showcase the collaborative efforts of Saunders Tax and Accounting.

Beyond her professional achievements, Bev finds fulfillment in a balanced personal life. Celebrating 37 years of marriage to Doug, she emphasizes the crucial support and partnership that contribute to her success. As a parent to two sons and a grandparent to three grandchildren, Bev exemplifies the importance of maintaining equilibrium between personal and professional commitments.

In summary, Bev Stitely’s impactful career is marked by a commitment to client success, a collaborative team approach, and a holistic perspective on life. With Saunders Tax and Accounting, she continues to inspire and guide businesses towards financial prosperity, embodying the essence of “Less Taxing Life, More Prosperous Solutions.”

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