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Betty Romero

Betty Romero is the Director of the Longevity Ready Maryland Initiative, Multi-sector Planning, and Age-Friendly Initiatives of the Maryland Department of Aging. In her current role, she leads the development and implementation of the Longevity Ready Maryland Initiative, a 10-year multisector plan that will address the needs, opportunities, and challenges of Maryland’s growing and diverse population of older adults from a whole-of-life, person-centered approach. 

Betty has decades of experience in strategic planning, stakeholder relations, and advocacy and has driven cross-functional collaborations, built teams, and elevated organizations. She earlier served as the COO of Microjuris, a legal search engine startup, and the Commercial Attaché for the Government of Puerto Rico in Argentina, Chile, and Brazil under the Secretary of Economic Development and Commerce. 

In addition, Betty currently serves on the Women’s Economic Empowerment Council – Office of the Comptroller, the Governor’s Performance Improvement Council, and represents the Maryland Department of Aging at the Governor’s Workforce Development Board under the Moore-Miller Administration. She is also the Commissioner and Chair of the Strategic Planning, Research & Evaluation Committee at the Montgomery County Commission for Women (CFW).

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