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Bernadette Wagner

Over the course of her life, Bernadette has been a jack (or maybe Jill) of many trades. Speech Pathologist, wife, mother grandmother, two-term elected official, Co-Founder and Executive Director of Volunteer Washington County, Community Outreach Coordinator for Hospice of Washington County and TV host of Healing, Hope & Health… all have enriched her life and empowered her to pursue her dreams. 

After two years of studying abundant research on the health benefits of positive social interaction, Bernadette founded Prime Time for Women, with the goal of promoting healthy aging by fostering programs that emphasize positive social connections, continuous learning, and healthy lifestyles. Her research confirmed what she had long suspected… when women get together, they are happier, healthier, and better positioned to contribute to their communities! 

Bernadette, who grew up in a family of seven wonderful sisters with one incredible mother, says, “I have been fortunate to know the power of strong, supportive female relationships and have benefited from them my entire life.” 

When asked why she started Prime Time for Women, she replied, “Because of my relationships with empowered, caring, supportive women, I have felt valued, needed and above all a tremendous sense of belonging. I want to create opportunities for other women to experience those same things.” 

Bernadette enjoys working collaboratively with government agencies, nonprofit organizations and interested individuals to identify and address needs in the community. For her efforts she was recognized as “Woman of the Year” in 2012 by the Hagerstown Chapter of Business and Professional Women of Maryland and received the “Life of Leadership Award” in 2018 from Women At The Table. She especially hopes, through Prime Time for Women, to recognize and collaborate with the numerous organizations in the community that have supported and empowered women. As the Founder of Prime Time for Women, Bernadette hosted two season of Prime Time for Women TV and continues to offer multiple programs and workshops, designed to celebrate, connect, inspire and empower women.

Her belief that women can attain together far more than what they can accomplish individually is reflected in what she calls, “my family’s crazy tradition.” For years she and her sisters and mother would build pyramids at family gatherings. Bernadette says that literally and figuratively she stood on the shoulder of these strong, wonderful women. “They supported me and lifted me higher. Now, I feel its prime time for me to do that for others!”

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