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Dr. Garavaglia has been a small business owner for several years. Throughout her career her focus has been on educating, learning, and encouraging growth, both personally and professionally.  She has spent over 30 years in the education industry with most of her time leading business initiatives, managing sales teams, and fulfilling customer requests.  In addition to her own business, she advices and supports other small business owners.  Because of her interest in encouraging professional and personal growth, each of the small businesses are service providers, e.g., real estate/title, education sales, graphic design, telecommunications. The businesses are mostly owned by women or young entrepreneurs.

Serving on PTFWs Board allows Dr. Garavaglia to further encourage the growth of women, and in particular, women in their prime years.  With an open mind, there’s always space for personal improvement, and there’s no better compliment than to be part of group with an interest in life-long learning and a willingness to share in growing together.

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